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Work-Based TV Shows

What Profession Would You Like to See on TV?

When it comes to the TV world, many successful shows center on work and work drama. Between House, Grey's Anatomy, and ER — clearly we see lots of doctors in action — Law and Order, and The Office, a lot of what we watch is other people at work. Obviously, shows are not always accurate depictions of a life on the job, but in other cases, especially as we've seen recently, reality TV makes attempts to show what it's like in a particular line of work.

Maybe you've already seen your profession played out weekly in a TV series, most likely if you're a cop, doctor, or lawyer, but what other professions would you get a kick out of seeing on TV? Is there a job you're dying to see play out in its own reality television show or sitcom, or do you already have a favorite work-based show that you're a fan of?

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