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What Do the Dirtiest Jobs Pay?

Dreading Work Tomorrow? At Least You Don't Have These Jobs

Think you’ve got it bad at work? Think again. Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs recently shared his most disgusting career experiences, and they’re pretty shudder-inducing. From inseminating turkeys to gagging snakes, Rowe's list made me grateful for my clean, non-life-threatening desk job. But all those dirty jobs must pay a pretty penny to make up for the ick factor, right?

Shockingly, the jobs that made Rowe’s top six list actually boast pretty measly salaries. For example, the job of shark suit tester, which involves jumping into blood- and chum-filled water in a steel suit to see if it actually keeps you from being eaten, only pays an average of $33,710. Dirty and dangerous jobs like that certainly seem worth more to me! In fact, to see some equally dirty jobs that do pay more, keep reading.

HowStuffWorks has compiled its own list of 10 high-paying dirty jobs, and the salaries attached seem a little more reasonable. Gastroenterologists (you know, the guy responsible for performing that colonoscopy your dad had last month), for example, typically make between $250,000 and $400,000 for getting their hands dirty. And crime scene cleaners (Sunshine Cleaning, anyone?) make an average of $75,000 a year.


Check out the full lists and tell me: do these seem like fair salaries to you? How much would it take for you to do one of these dirty jobs?

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