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Weird and Random Interview Questions

What's the Weirdest Interview Question You've Ever Had?

If there's anything worse than the weakness question in an interview, it's got to be the random, seemingly unrelated question that catches you off guard. You've done your homework on the company and prepped for the most common interview questions. But now your interviewer is asking what kind of car you'd most like to be. What gives?

As off-the-wall as they may seem, these random questions do have a purpose. Your answer can give the interviewer some insight into your personality, and so can your thought process as you search for a response — according to Forbes, many employers actually want you to think out loud as you formulate an answer. But knowing all this doesn’t make those bizarre questions any easier to answer in the moment.

Forbes compiled a list from of some of the weirdest interview questions ever — like "Why are manhole covers round?" — but I'm willing to bet Savvy readers have encountered worse. So let's commiserate: what's the weirdest interview question you've ever had?

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