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Teen Fired over Facebook

Teen Gets Fired From Job Via Facebook

I don't think SavvySugar will take too kindly to this news: we've all heard of your social networking accounts and Twitter TMI possibly getting you in hot water with current and future employers, but what if your boss does the dirty work of firing you on Facebook!? Crazy talk, right? Wrong. This actually happened to a teenager in the UK recently after she lost the ten-pound note she was supplied with (about $15) to buy her and her fellow employees some cookies. (Side note: she worked at a cafe called Cookies in Leigh. Go figure.)

Her manager, after failing to get a hold of her on the phone actually gave her her walking papers on her Facebook page! To see what she said, just read more.

This note was left on the teen's Facebook page:

hiya Chelsea its Elaine from work. Sorry to send u a message like this but bin tryin to ring u but gettin no joy. I had to tell the owner bout u losin that tenner coz obviously the till was down at the end of day. she wasn't very pleased at all and despite me trying to persuade her otherwise she said I have to let u go. I'm really sorry.

I'm a little shocked that a manager at any place of business would consider this a proper termination, not to mention how embarrassing it would be to see that note on your wall! Have you ever witnessed an embarrassing termination, or have been completely humiliated in a similar way while being fired?

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