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Should You Settle For a Job?

The Unemployment Debate: To Settle or Not to Settle?

Although experts claim the recession is over, a whopping 84 percent of you beg to differ. This morning, a local public radio show in SF tackled the topic, and opinions were pretty divided there, too.

One of the questions raised on the show was whether unemployed Americans should be taking a little extra time to find a job that’s the right fit, or whether they should jump at the first opportunity that comes their way, even if they’re overqualified. Researcher David Henderson supported the latter approach, but others disagreed; "I didn’t go to college to become a Wal-Mart greeter," one caller protested.

What are your thoughts? If you were (or are!) in this situation, would you rather stay on unemployment longer to find a job that matches your skill level? Or would you prefer to get back into the workforce ASAP, no matter the job?

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