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Save Money Locally With HomeRun

Geek Tip: Score Local Deals With HomeRun

Deal-a-day sites are a dime-a-dozen, but HomeRun is a little bit different. The location-based deal site offers a new bargain every day, except the price fluctuates depending on the number of people who buy the product or service. For example, a local salon offers a promotion on HomeRun for a $35 haircut normally priced at $65. After a number of people buy it at $35, the price drops . . . And continues dropping until the day ends. If enough people buy the deal, then everyone gets the deal. The downside: if not enough people buy the deal, no one gets the deal.

To get the best deal, check back every few hours for price updates, and be sure to pay attention to the countdown timer to figure out how much longer you have to snag the deal. Don't wait too long for the lowest price, though — everyone will lose out. It's easy to share deals with your friends via Facebook or Twitter, so if there's something you're really into, be sure to publicize it before it's too late. But the deals don't end there — find out what I mean after the break.

Purchasing deals earns you points; and a lot of points earn you the right to even more exclusive deals in the "Private Reserve" section of the site. HomeRun is in 33 cities and counting, so to take advantage of the site, sign up to start receiving daily deals.

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