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Katy Piotrowski on Setting Career Goals

Career Expert Katy Piotrowski Says to Tweak Goals Daily

Staying on top of career goals amid the daily grind can be a real chore, but it's a key ingredient for success. I recently had the chance to chat with Katy Piotrowski, who was named Career Counselor of the Year last year by the National Career Development Association and is the author of The Career Coward's Guide to Career Advancement: Sensible Strategies for Overcoming Career Fears, and she shed a bright light on the topic of goal setting and job and career satisfaction. Check out this video interview for Katy's inspirational — and sensible — advice.

To read some of my favorite sound bites from the interview, check after the jump.

SavvySugar: How often should you take stock of your career and achievements and aim for change?
Katy Piotrowski: I think it's a great idea to do a bigger term picture maybe once a year, but then be looking at it almost on a daily basis. So for instance, I put together a one-page vision for myself that could over a 10-year span, but I am looking at it daily and making tweaks as new ideas and opportunities come to me. You need to look at it as a fluid, ongoing project and be open to making changes based on the ways you might evolve.

SavvySugar: What are the important questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you correctly identify and reach your career goals?
Katy Piotrowski: What are your strengths and what are your interests and what kind of longer-term goal would allow you to keep working toward something that will be especially meaningful and rewarding for you. You don't need to have all the details in place when you are putting together a longer term goal.


How often do you take stock of your career and goals and aim for change?

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