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I'm Asking: What Does Your Virtual Portfolio Look Like?

Most of the modern job hunt happens online. It's an easy way to get connected to companies and people and to seek out job openings listed on career search sites. So, in light of the online job search, it follows naturally that we now have online resumes or online professional portfolios. Sites like LinkedIn and any resumes you post to sites like Monster, even your Facebook page, become part of your online portfolio, whether you realize the implications in the professional world or not.

According to Forbes, there are four big trends in the job search world and they're all happening online — podcasts, blogs, social networking sites, and being able to access it all with smart phones. What's more, online participation isn't exactly optional for the savvy job seeker hoping to find employment. In fact, the article goes on to state that marketing your accomplishments and skills online via social networking sites and blogs is essential for the job seeker. In short, "an online presence is a must." So, I'm curious, just how do you participate? Outside of maybe Facebook or MySpace, what does your online portfolio look like?

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