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I Feel Pressured to Spend More on a Honeymoon Registry

Ask a Savvy Bride: Should I Spend More on a Honeymoon Registry?

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Dear Savvy,

I'm trying to buy a gift for a friend who is getting married next month. She and her fiancé are registered at Williams-Sonoma and, but they've made it clear that they'd prefer things for their honeymoon over things to fill their kitchen. Like many women my age, I have a ton of weddings this Summer so I'm trying to be penny wise, which leaves me in a weird predicament: Since registering for a honeymoon is like giving cash, I feel obligated to give more than I would if I were just buying a gift. What's an appropriate amount to spend?

Unclear Claire

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Savvy bride says:

I know it's easier said than done, but you should not feel any pressure to spend more money on their honeymoon registry than you would on a traditional gift registry. In both instances, the bride and groom know how much you've spent — after all, they were the ones that chose the items! Hopefully your friend has given her guests options in terms of price point so people can gift within their budget; say brunch by the pool versus a night's stay in their honeymoon suite.


Everyone's comfort zone and bank account is different so I can't really tell you how much to spend. Do what you feel comfortable with, keeping in mind what else you've spent on shower gifts, engagement party gifts, travel, bridesmaid dress, etc. I hope I was able to help!

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