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How Much Do People Care About the Super Bowl?

The Precious Thing People Are Willing to Sacrifice to See Their Team Win the Super Bowl

Given that football fans will often spend thousands of dollars on tickets just to see the Super Bowl, a recent study looked at what those fans would additionally be willing to give up in order to see their respective teams win. In anticipation of the upcoming championship game on Feb. 5, the finance experts at GoBankingRates put together a survey to determine that answer.

Those who took the survey were asked to give up one of the following things to secure a win for their team:

  • vacation days for one year
  • annual bonus
  • 401k accounts
  • the total amount in their savings accounts

While giving up any one of those choices seems decidedly daunting, a whopping 52 percent of the participants said they would give up a year's worth of vacation days to grant their favorite team a Super Bowl win.


Unsurprisingly, most of the participants were pretty against losing the contents of their 401k or savings accounts, meaning the second most popular choice was losing their annual bonus. When broken down, the survey also found that more female participants were willing to give up their vacation days over the male participants. The reverse can be said about the bonus: women were nine percent less likely to give up their annual bonus.

Though it may be hypothetical, the study sheds light on the fervent state of sports fandom and the very real-life financial gains the NFL reaps as a result.

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