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Don't Appear Desperate When Job Hunting

Job Search Tip: Getting Desperate? Don't Let It Show

Once you’ve been job hunting for a while, desperation starts to kick in. You may find yourself thinking that you don’t care what the job is or what it pays — you just need a steady paycheck coming in. But if you’ve reached that point in your search, focus on not letting your desperation show; otherwise, you could be making the process even harder on yourself.

Although you may think that conveying to a future employer your willingness to do any job, at any salary, will make you a more appealing candidate, it actually has the opposite effect. I’ve had candidates do everything from calculating out loud how much they need to make to cover their bills to leaving dozens of messages about a position in one day. And unfortunately, those weren’t the applicants who got the job.

Acting desperate and needy makes you appear as though you don’t value your own experience and skills — and if you don’t value them, why should your employer? Present yourself as flexible and enthusiastic, but remember that you have a lot to offer and any employer would be lucky to have you.

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