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Do I Have to Find a Job in My Major?

You Don't Have to Look For a Job Within Your College Major — Here's Why

Earning a college degree is the first step to pursuing the career of your dreams. But does the title on your diploma limit your job pool? The answer is NO! Don't feel tied down to the topic you studied because industries are always evolving and a diverse background can work in your favor.

After graduating from college, I noticed that a ton of younger women who were still in school began reaching out for career advice. The one question I was asked over and over again was if they were only qualified for positions that related to their major. In a way, I could identify with that fear because I, too, had once wondered if my fate was sealed on a piece of paper . . . and then I realized how silly that sounds.

An important skill to learn is how to communicate to recruiters and interviewers that you are, in fact, a fit for the role they're filling. I studied advertising — very traditional, Mad Men-style. I found myself becoming more and more passionate about writing and ended up gravitating toward job listings in journalism. So, in each interview I talked about how outside-the-box creative thinking was a main focus in all of my advertising courses. Turns out, being a creative thinker is also a huge part of being an editor. Go figure!


There's a ton of pressure put on students to commit to one field of study, but that doesn't mean you're married to it for life. There's always a way to take the knowledge gained in school and apply it to a wide range of business areas. If you're looking to go down a different path, read through job descriptions and try to relate each one back to your skill set. Success isn't solely dictated by your degree — it's up to you.

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