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Colleague Is a Liar

Savvy Confessions: My Colleague Is a Fraud

This anonymous posting comes from our Savvy Confessions group, where all identities are kept anonymous.

There's this new guy in the office, he's been there for about a month, and right off the bat he's been a very horrible worker. He doesn't respond to emails and gives a lot of attitude to people. I notice a lot of spelling errors in his emails which is weird because he claims that he was valedictorian. My colleague and I got suspicious and started researching to see if what he's saying it's true . . . turns out he lied! The valedictorian that year is a totally different person! I tried to confront him but I think he suspected and he's been trying to avoid me and blow it off. I just think this situation is so crazy and I can't believe I was the one who found out. I already told the head of the office so I guess we'll just be playing it by ear now. I'm kind of nervous because I'm afraid he might blame me and do something harmful to me. After all, someone who lies about something major like that shouldn't be trusted right? What do you guys think of the situation?

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