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Careers You Never Knew About

10 Awesome Jobs You Never Even Considered

Image Source: Flickr User Ed and Eddie
Anyone else think there should be a college course dedicated to all the unusual or overlooked jobs available in this great, vast world? Career indecision and panic will lead people down career paths that seem obvious or safe, even if they aren't stimulating in any way. Turns out, there are plenty of lesser-known occupations that can pay well and provide opportunities to travel, work outdoors with your dog, or even save lives, as folks from all sorts of professions explained recently on Reddit. Keep scrolling for some major career inspiration.

Outdoor Guides and Instructors

Image Source: Flickr User David Prasad

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Image Source: Flickr user Andra Mihali

Inspector, Solar Company

Image Source: Flickr User Oregon Department of Transportation

Mortuary and Funeral Services

Image Source: HBO


Image Source: Flickr User Andy G

Flight Attendant

Image Source: Flickr User Atomic Taco

Advertising Copywriter

Image Source: HBO

Instructional Design

Image Source: Flickr User Henry Hagnäs


Image Source: Flickr User Ed and Eddie

Technical Writer

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim

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